Digital Marketing- Paid Media Buying

Course at a glance

Hours/ Week: 7.50 hrs 2.5 hours per day 3 days in a week Total Hours: 108 hrs Lecture: 50 Total Weeks: 12 (3 months)

Course Fee: TK. 20,000

Venue- Mymensingh corporate office Training Days- Sunday, Tuesday, Friday Training Time- 10:00 - 12:30 PM

Course Objective

Online businesses that offer physical products, information/education and/or digital products, digital services, the digital agencies that provide services to them, require expertise in depth knowledge and experience in digital marketing. Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. This digital marketing course is designed, whatever the industry is, to produce more customers and revenue, from web based businesses through proven tactics and strategies of digital marketing. This course will help anyone absolutely everything that s\he has to get repeat customers through paid media buying to produce more sales and profit.

The aim of this course is to clear the disarray about the strategies that work and how to utilize them to develop and run any online business. Having a strong presence in digital media will help you in numerous ways:
# It will make less demanding to create awareness and engagement both before and after the sale.
# You can turn first time purchasers into crazy fans who purchase continuously (and more frequently).

At the end of the course, each participant should be able

  • Build an automated traffic system that generates leads and sales for your business 24 hours a day.
  • Build successful ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Analyze the metrics that actually matter so that s/he can "trim the fat" from ad campaigns.
  • Scale ad campaign so s/he can build massive subscriber lists while avoiding the ad fatigue that can lead to increased click costs.
  • Grow your customer base at a PROFIT.

Course Breakdown

Lecture 1

Introduction to Digital marketing

Lecture 2

What & why is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing Strategy Template

Lecture 3

Understanding Social Media Marketing

Lecture 4

Applying Analytics to Your Digital Marketing

Lecture 5

Developing a Marketing Strategy, Crafting a Digital marketing Plan

Lecture 6

Paid Traffic: The What and The Why

Lecture 7

Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Lecture 8

Marketing Funnel: What and Why?

Lecture 9

Buying Traffic is A System

Lecture 10

3 types of paid traffic, Perfect marketing for Cold Traffic

Lecture 11

Perfect marketing for Warm Traffic

Lecture 12

Perfect marketing for Hot Traffic

Lecture 13

Understanding The Traffic System

Lecture 14

Finding Target Market for your business

Lecture 15

Leveraging Conversion Rate Optimization

Lecture 16

Getting Started With Facebook

Lecture 17

3 types of Facebook marketing objectives

Lecture 18

Finding Your Market on Facebook

Lecture 19

Ad Copy & Creative

Lecture 20

Facebook Pixels

Lecture 21

Reporting & Analytics

Lecture 22

Scaling Campaign

Lecture 23

Maintaining Facebook Compliance

Lecture 24

What & why Re-targeting

Lecture 25

Different types of Segmentation

Lecture 26

Full Funnel Re-targeting

Lecture 27

Re-targeting Segmentation-Sky is limit

Lecture 28

Report Suits

Lecture 29

Set up Goals

Lecture 30

Understand Attribution, Goal-Reports

Lecture 31

Full funnel measurement

Lecture 32

Identify best content

Lecture 33

More SEO traffic

Lecture 34

Which landing page converting best

Lecture 35

% of visitors browsing different pages

Lecture 36

Twitter, LinkedIn

Lecture 37

Dedicated Email Drops

Lecture 38

Google Search Network

Lecture 39

Google Display Network

Lecture 40


Lecture 41

Google Analytics for Customer Data

Lecture 42

Leverage Google for Ecommerce.

Lecture 43

Messenger Marketing

Lecture 44

Boomerang Marketing Plan

Lecture 45

Flash Sales Optimization

Lecture 46

Offer Optimization

Lecture 47

Paid Media Ad Audit

Lecture 48

Promotion Gameplan

Lecture 49

Google, YouTube and Facebook Retargeting

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Course Instructor

Debazit Datta

Debazit Datta

International Certified E-Commerce Specialist

Amina Khatun

Amina Khatun

Software Engineer, MIECLab Ltd