SMS Services in Bangladesh

At MIECLab provid SMS marketing is known to be most authorized formation of reaching targeting customer with far more implicitly. It’s not more than 6 to 8 years that SMS marketing services have become a popular approach of rapid brand advertising. On that note. MIEC Lab is becoming the finest and most standard SMS service Provider in Bangladesh. By comprehending the overall demand and requirement of any business organization, MIEC Lab. is capable of offering the most fundamental text message marketing service being the an emerging SMS gateway provider. Most importantly, the world of business getting more competitive day by day. So, to sustain in such an aggressive field, there is no alternate of going for viral marketing approach. And SMS marketing campaign is said the most result oriented method of mass advertising. You’ll be in need of a quality SMS gateway provider. who will offer Cheap SMS Services in Bangladesh and hassle free SMS marketing services, and equipped with a great number of experienced professionals in this field.

Chose Your Perfect Brand Bulk SMS Package

Non-Masking Package

Sl No Package Code No of SMS SMS Rate BDT Price Features
1 NMP-1 1,000 0.65/SMS All Operator 650/= Dedicated Vitual Number
Unlimited Validity
Support Bangla SMS
Fixed Sender ID
2 NMP-2 2,000 0.60/SMS All Operator 1,200/=
3 NMP-3 5,000 0.55/SMS All Operator 5,000/=
4 NMP-4 10,000 0.50/SMS All Operator 5,000/=
5 NMP-5 20,000 0.45/SMS All Operator 9,000/=
6 NMP-6 50,000 0.40/SMS All Operator 20,000/=
7 NMP-7 1,00,000 0.35/SMS All Operator 35,000/=

Masking (Brand Name) Package

Sl No Package Code No of SMS SMS Rate BDT Price Features
1 MP-1 2,000 1.50/SMS All Operator 3,000/= Support Brand Name
Unlimited Validity
Support Bangla SMS
XL, txt, CSV support
2 MP-2 5,000 1.40/SMS All Operator 7,000/=
3 MP-3 10,000 1.30/SMS All Operator 13,000/=
4 MP-4 20,000 1.20/SMS All Operator 24,000/=
5 MP-5 50,000 1.15/SMS All Operator 57,000/=
6 MP-6 75,000 1.10/SMS All Operator 82,500/=
7 MP-7 1,00,000 1.05/SMS All Operator 1,05,000/=
  • English SMS: 160 char (1) SMS, 306 char (2) SMS.
  • Bangla SMS: 70 char (1) SMS, 134 char (2) SMS.

Non-Masking SMS Validity

  • Validity for 5,000 to 50,000 SMS: 1 Year
  • Validity for 1 Lac Plus SMS: 2 Year

Masking SMS Validity

  • Validity for 50,000 to 99,999 SMS: 6 Months
  • Validity for 1 Lac Plus SMS: 1 Year
  • Masking/Sender Name (11 Characters Limit)
  • Masking creation charge 5,000 BDT
  • Bangla & English both SMS is Allowed