PS Holding tax Management System

The project is on the Digitalization of Holding Tax Management System for Pourashava. Detail study on holding tax management system for Pourashava, different kinds of rules, laws and current running system After successful design of a complete database, we use MySQL-Apache server to create a database for holding tax management system. we design the tables considering their primary and foreign keys.

Now a day, people of Bangladesh need to go holding office to pay the bill, In these cases many holding tax provider deny or in agree with paying holding tax. So to avoid these issues and increase the holding tax and developing our country the system is being created from where people can easily pay the bill through mobile banking. The assessment work done by specific moholla, ward, circle and end with a nice invoice where he/she can check the total tax about holding.

There are three different kinds of panel in this software- Admin, Collector and Payee. All these types of user have different looks and views. There are some similar activities among these panels. The main objective of this software is easy pay of holding tax within due time smartly.

There are special reporting for every month about holding tax.

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