E-commerce professinal Training

In this brand new ecommerce business development training, you will learn how to generate profitable ecommerce business ideas, how to build ecosystem for your start up, how to develop business and revenue model for your own ecommerce business, how to develop a solid digital marketing plan and template that generates customers on auto pilot and finally how to develop a unique ecommerce brand that differentiate from chaos.

Course Fee: TK. 20,000

Venue- Mymensingh corporate office
Training Days- ---
Training Time- ---

Course at a glance

Hours/ Week: 10.00 hrs
5.0 hours per day
2 days in a week
Total Hours: 120 hrs
Lecture: 24
Total Weeks: 12 (3 months)

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Course Objective

Online businesses that offer physical products, information/education and/or digital products, digital services, the digital agencies that provide services to them, require expertise in depth knowledge and experience in e-commerce world. This E-commerce course is designed, whatever the industry is, to produce more customers and revenue, from web based business store optimization and engineering to direct response copy-writing, digital marketing and traffic generation .Knowing precisely how to get your products before the ideal individual customer, inducing those individuals to purchase, and maximizing the estimation of every single exchange, is the way to online business success. This course will help anyone absolutely everything that s\he has to enhance any of ecommerce business stores to produce more sales and profit. You'll be able to optimize an online business website, how to generate traffic from social media, search engines and others, how to write direct response copy that sells, how to compose e-commerce emails and messages, how to manage customer community and substantially more.

At the end of the course, each participant should be able

  • To develop ecommerce eco system that generates tons of traffic and revenue on a profit.
  • To develop business and revenue model of his/her own business
  • To understand latest market trends and develop appropriate market research and find the right product that customers need.
  • To develop a unique ecommerce brand that differentiate from chaos.
  • To develop a solid digital marketing plan and template that generates customers

Course Breakdown

Lecture 1: An Overview of E-commerce

An Overview of E-commerce; Traditional Business and E-business; Motivation for life and business success.

Lecture 2: Entrepreneurship -1 (The activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.)

Psychological aspects of entrepreneurship; Perception towards the new opportunities of business; Proposition & Strategy; Business Model and Concept; Business Organogram and Management; Writing Business Plan and Goal Setup

Lecture 3: Entrepreneurship -2 (The activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.)

Company naming worksheet, write Business Plan, Investment and Budget;Market research and competitive analysis,Start up cost worksheet; Choose business structure, monthly cash flow projection, Getting started worksheet

Lecture 4: Supply Chain (A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.)

Market analysis and Product Selection; Product Sourcing Roadmap and Supply chain;

Lecture 5: Leadership (Organizational Leadership)

Effective leadership; Skills Development and Team Building; How to be a good human resource

Lecture 6: Inventory Management-01 (Legal and Policy)

Stock/Inventory Management; Smart Pricing and Quality Assurance; Core store architecture, Key content assets, More info pages, privacy policy and terms of service generator; architecture return path.

Lecture 7: Inventory Management-02 (Software or Website)

Getting more conversion from your store, Best practices for header, footer, product page, Collection pages; lead magnet best practices, exit pop up;

Lecture 8: E-commerce Business

E-commerce Technology; Domain-Hosting, Basic Features of E-commerce Website; Advance Features of E-commerce Website; Website Design and User Interface; E-commerce Website Security;

Lecture 9: E-commerce Revenue Models

E-commerce Revenue Models

Lecture 10: Mission, Vision and Branding

Mission, story, purpose, Branding, Tagline, Ethics, Business Model Canvas.

Lecture 11: E-commerce ECO System (Software or Website)

The ecommerce eco system, Platform choice, Technology stack, Marketing automation, Analytics and tracking;

Lecture 12: Content Management System (Software or Website)

E-commerce Content Management System(CMS); Content in E-commerce; Popular CMS Introduction; Website Catalog Management;

Lecture 13: Product Description

Product Description and Review; specification; availability, payment methods; and buyer information

Lecture 14: Order Mechanism / Management System

Order management and Customer retention; Payment Method and Gateway; Transaction/Accounts Management; Shipment Method and Delivery System; Return Policy

Lecture 15: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy template, Developing content marketing strategy; Digital marketing strategy template, Developing content marketing strategy

Lecture 16: Digital Advertising Plan

Crafting digital advertising plan, understanding social media marketing, e-commerce and digital marketing ethics; Paid traffic as a system, Customer Journey Map, Traffic temperature

Lecture 17: E commerce Metrics and KPIs

Measurement of Ecommerce Success; Ecommerce Benchmarks; Business Online

Lecture 18: Ad Management

Facebook Ad template, Ad Creative, Pixeling, Scale Facebook Ad, Targeting checklist; Paid media Ad Audit; Full Funnel retargeting, Insights and Audience; Advanced Facebook Marketing: Standard and Custom Conversion; Dynamic retargeting, Segmentation by visitor activity. Ad Troubleshooting

Lecture 19: Traffic

Customer Avatar Worksheet, 3 stages Marketing Funnel: Awareness, Evaluation and Conversion; Traffic sources: Search Network, Display Network, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Dedicated email drops; Cold traffic offers and goals, Warm traffic offers and goals, Hot traffic offers and goals

Lecture 20: Ecommerce SEO

Search Engine Optimization- Keywords Research, Intent, context and assets, Channels, optimization, ascension, Earned media and link building

Lecture 21: Ecommerce SEO (Part 2)

On page, Off page and Local SEO

Lecture 22: Email Marketing

Email Marketing; Email campaign creation, Email copy writing and design, tracking and measuring results.

Lecture 23: e-Governance & e-commerce

e-Governance & e-commerce

Lecture 24: Customer Services

CRM - Relationships and Returns, Deliveries and Deadlines; Impression and Follow-up; Tips and Tricks -Business Documentation; Promotion and Campaign, Trust Buildup and Success Review

Course Instructor

Debazit Datta

Debazit Datta

International Certified E-Commerce Specialist

S.M. Murad Hasan Tanvir

S.M. Murad Hasan Tanvir

Amina Khatun

Amina Khatun