Web Design Training

In this brand new ecommerce business development training, you will learn how to generate profitable ecommerce business ideas, how to build ecosystem for your start up, how to develop business and revenue model for your own ecommerce business, how to develop a solid digital marketing plan and template that generates customers on auto pilot and finally how to develop a unique ecommerce brand that differentiate from chaos.

Course Fee: TK. 20,000

Venue- Mymensingh corporate office
Training Days- ---
Training Time- ---

Course at a glance

Hours/ Week: 10.00 hrs
5.0 hours per day
2 days in a week
Total Hours: 120 hrs
Lecture: 24
Total Weeks: 12 (3 months)

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Course Objective

At the end of the course, each participant should be able to-

  • You will do website design.
  • You will make responsive website.
  • You will make dynamic website.
  • You will convert from PHD to html.
  • You will modify e-commerce platform

Course Breakdown

Lecture 1: Introduction to Web Technologies, HTML Overview, Basic Tags and Elements

Introduction to website; Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles; How the Website Works? ; Client and Server Scripting Language; Difference between a web Designer and web Developer; Types of websites (Static and Dynamic); What is HTML? ; Basic HTML Document; HTML Tags; HTML Document Structure; The <!DOCTYPE> Declaration; Heading Tags; Paragraph Tag; Line Break Tag; Centering Content; Horizontal Lines; Preserve Formatting; Nonbreaking Spaces; what is element? HTML Tag vs. Element; Nested HTML Elements.

Lecture 2: HTML Attributes, Formatting, Phrase, Meta Tags and Comments

What is attribute? ; Core Attributes; Id Attribute; title Attribute; class Attribute; style Attribute; Internationalization Attributes; lang Attribute; Generic Attributes; Bold Text; Italic Text; Underlined Text; Strike Text; Monospaced Font; Superscript Text; Subscript Text; Inserted Text; Deleted Text; Larger Text; Smaller Text; Grouping Content; Emphasized Text; Marked Text; Strong Text; Text Abbreviation; Acronym Element; Text Direction; Special Terms; Quoting Text; Short Quotations; Text Citations; Computer Code; Keyboard Text; Programming Variables; Program Output; Address Text; What is meta tag? ; Specifying Keywords ; Document Description; Document Revision Date; Document Refreshing; Page Redirection; Setting Cookies; Setting Author Name; Specify Character Set; What is Comments? ; Valid vs Invalid Comments; Multiline Comments; Commenting Script Code; Commenting Style Sheets.

Lecture 3: Images, Tables, Lists, Text Links and Iframes

Insert Image; Set Image Location; Set Image Width/Height; Set Image Border; Set Image Alignment; Table; Table Heading; Cellpadding and Cellspacing Attributes; Colspan and Rowspan Attributes; Tables Backgrounds; Table Height and Width; Table Caption; Table Header, Body, and Footer; What is list? ; HTML Unordered Lists; The type Attribute; HTML Ordered Lists; The start Attribute; HTML Definition Lists; Linking DocumentsLinking Documents; Target Attribute; Use of Base Path; Linking to a Page Section; Setting Link Colors; Download Links; Image Links; Server-Side Image Maps; Client-Side Image Maps; HTML Email Tag; Iframes.

Lecture 4: Blocks, Backgrounds, Colors, Fonts and Forms

Block Elements; Inline Elements; Grouping HTML Elements; <div> tag; <span> tag; Background colors; Background Images; Patterned & Transparent Backgrounds Colors; HTML Color Coding Methods; Color Names; Hex Codes; RGB Values; Browser Safe Colors; Set Font Size; Relative Font Size; Setting Font Face; Specify alternate font faces; Setting Font Color; The <basefont> Element; Form Attributes; HTML Form Controls; Text Input Controls; Single-line text input controls; Password input controls; Multiple-Line Text Input Controls; Checkbox Control; Radio Button Control; Select Box Control; File Upload Box; Button Controls; Hidden Form Controls

Lecture 5: HTML5 , New structure Tags, New Form Tags and New Media Tags

Introduction to HTML5; What is new in HTML5; HTML5 DocType; SECTION; NAV; ASIDE; HEADER; FOOTER; search; tel; url; email; number and range; Audio Tag and video tag.

Lecture 6: Embed Multimedia, Marquees, Header, Style Sheet, JavaScript, Layout

The <embedglt; Tag Attributes; Background Audio; HTML Object tag; The <marquee> Tag Attributes; <title> Tag; <meta> Tag; <base> Tag; <link> Tag; <style> Tag; <script> Tag; External Style Sheet; Internal Style Sheet; Inline Style Sheet; What is JavaScript? ; External JavaScript; Internal Script; Event Handlers; Hide Scripts from Older Browsers; The <noscript> Element; Default Scripting Language; Layout - Using Tables; Multiple Columns Layout - Using Tables; HTML Layouts - Using DIV, SPAN;

Lecture 7: CSS Introduction and Syntax

What is CSS? ; Advantages of CSS; Syntax; Type Selectors; Universal Selectors; Descendant Selectors; Class Selectors; ID Selectors; Child Selectors; Attribute Selectors; Multiple Style Rules; Grouping Selectors.

Lecture 8: CSS Inclusion, Measurements Units, Colors, Backgrounds and Fonts

The <style> Element; Attributes; Inline CSS - The style Attribute; External CSS - The <link> Element; Imported CSS - @import Rule; CSS Rules Overriding; Handling old Browsers; CSS Comments; Measurement Units; Colors; Hex Codes; RGB Values; Browser Safe Colors; Set the Background Color; Set the Background Image; Repeat the Background Image; Set the Background Image Position;Set the Background Attachment; Shorthand Property; Set the Font Family; Set the Font Style; Set the Font Variant; Set the Font Weight; Set the Font Size; Set the Font Size Adjust; Set the Font Stretch; Shorthand Property.

Lecture 9: CSS Text, Images, Links and Tables

Set the Text Color; Set the Text Direction; Set the Space between Characters; Set the Space between Words; Set the Text Indent; Set the Text Alignment; Decorating the Text; Set the Text Cases; Set the White Space between Text; Set the Text Shadow; Image Border Property; Image Height Property; Image Width Property; opacity Property; Set the Color of Links; Set the Color of Visited Links; Change the Color of Links when Mouse is Over; Change the Color of Active Links; Border-collapse Property; Border-spacing Property; Caption-side Property; Empty-cells Property; Table-layout Property.

Lecture 10: CSS Borders, Margins, Lists and Padding

Border-color Property; Border-style Property; Border-width Property; Border Properties Using Shorthand; Margin Property; Margin-bottom Property; Margin-top Property; Margin-left Property; Margin-right Property; The list-style-type Property; The list-style-position Property; The list-style-image Property; The list-style Property; The marker-offset Property; Padding-bottom Property; Padding-top Property; Padding-left Property; Padding-right Property; Padding Property.

Lecture 11: CSS Cursors, Outlines, Dimension and Scrollbars

cursor property; Outlines; Outline-width Property; Outline-style Property; Outline-color Property; Outline Property; Dimension; Height and Width Properties; Line-height Property; Max-height Property; Min-height Property; Max-width Property; Min-width Property; Scrollbars; property

Lecture 12: CSS Layouts, Visibility, Positioning, Layers and PSD TO HTML

Layouts; Sample Column Layout.; Visibility; visibility property; Relative Positioning; Absolute Positioning; Fixed Positioning; Layers; z-index; PSD TO HTML;

Lecture 13: CSS3 Introduction, Rounded Corner, Border Images, Multi Background, Color and Gradients

CSS3 modules; Rounded Corners; Each Corner property; Border Image; Multi Background; Size of Multi background; Colors; Opacity property; HSLA color property; rgba color property; What is Gradients?; Linear Gradients; Top to bottom; Left to right; Diagonal; Multi color; Radial Gradients; Repeat Radial Gradients.

Lecture 14: CSS3 Shadow, Text, Web font and 2d transform and 3d transform

Shadow; Text shadow; box Shadow; Text-overflow; Word Breaking; word wrapping; Different web fonts formats; Fonts description; Rotate 20 degrees; Skew X axis; Skew Y axis; Matrix transform; Methods of 3D transforms; X-axis 3D transforms; Y-axis 3D transforms; Z-axis 3D transforms.

Lecture 15: CSS3 Animation, Multi columns, user interface, Box Sizing and responsive design.

@keyframes; Moving left animation; Moving left animation with keyframes; multi columns properties; resize property; Outline offset; sizing property; box sizing property Media queries; Bootstrap responsive web design.

Lecture 16: JavaScript Introduction, Syntax, Enabling and Placement

What is JavaScript ? ; Client-Side JavaScript; Advantages of JavaScript; Limitations of JavaScript; JavaScript Development Tools; Syntax; JavaScript Code; Whitespace and Line Breaks; Semicolons are Optional; Case Sensitivity; Comments in JavaScript; Warning for Non-JavaScript Browsers; JavaScript in <head>...</head> section; JavaScript in <body>...</body> section; JavaScript in <body> and <head> Sections; JavaScript in External File.

Lecture 17: JavaScript Variables, Operators and If-Else

JavaScript Datatypes; JavaScript Variables; JavaScript Variable Scope; JavaScript Variable Names; JavaScript Reserved Words; What is an Operator?; Arithmetic Operators; Comparison Operators; Logical Operators; Bitwise Operators; Assignment Operators; Miscellaneous Operator; typeof Operator; Flow Chart of if-else; if statement; if...else statement; if...else if... statement.

Lecture 18: JavaScript Switch Case, While Loop, For Loop, For…in and Loop Control

Switch, Flow Chart; Syntax with code; The while Loop;Flow Chart; Syntax with code; The do...while Loop; Flow Chart; Syntax with code; for...in loop; The break Statement; The continue Statement; Using Labels to Control the Flow

Lecture 19: JavaScript Functions, Events, Cookies and Page Redirect

Function Definition; Calling a Function; Function Parameters; The return Statement; What is an Event ? ; onclick Event Type; onsubmit Event Type; onmouseover and onmouseout; HTML 5 Standard Events; What are Cookies ?; How It Works ?; Storing Cookies; Reading Cookies; Setting Cookies Expiry Date; Deleting a Cookie; What is Page Redirection ?; How Page Re-direction Works ?

Lecture 20: JavaScript Dropdown, Dialog Boxes, Void Keyword and Page printing

Dropdown menus; Alert Dialog Box; Confirmation Dialog Box; Prompt Dialog Box; Void Keyword; Page Printing; How to Print a Page?

Lecture 21: JavaScript Objects, number, Boolean

Objects Overview; Object Properties; Object Methods; User-Defined Objects; The Object() Constructor; Defining Methods for an Object; The 'with' Keyword; Number Properties; MAX_VALUE; MIN_VALUE; NaN; NEGATIVE_INFINITY; POSITIVE_INFINITY; prototype; constructor; Number Methods; toExponential(); toFixed(); toLocaleString(); toPrecision(); toString(); valueOf(); Boolean Object; Boolean Properties; constructor;prototype; BooleanMethods; toSource(); toString(); valueOf();

Lecture 22: JavaScript String and Array

StringsObject; StringProperties; constructor; length; prototype; StringMethods; charAt(); charCodeAt(); concat(); indexOf(); lastIndexOf(); localeCompare(); match(); replace(); search(); slice(); split(); substr(); substring(); toLocaleLowerCase(); toLocaleUpperCase(); toLowerCase(); toString(); toUpperCase(); valueOf(); ArraysObject; ArrayProperties; constructor; index; input; length; prototype; ArrayMethods; concat(); every(); filter(); forEach(); indexOf(); join(); lastIndexOf(); map(); pop(); push(); reduce(); reduceRight(); reverse(); shift(); slice(); some(); toSource(); sort(); splice(); toString(); unshift().

Lecture 23: JavaScript Date ,Math Error Handling, Validation and Animation

DateProperties; constructor; prototype; DateMethods; Date(); getDate(); getDay(), getFullYear();getHours(); getMinutes(); getMonth(); getTime(); getTimezoneOffset(); setDate(); setMonth(); The Math Object; Syntax; Math Properties; PI; Math Methods; abs();acos(); asin(); pow(); random(); sqrt(); toSource(); Syntax Errors; Runtime Errors; Logical Errors; The try...catch...finally Statement; The throw Statement; The onerror() Method; Form Validation; Basic Form Validation; Data Format Validation; Manual Animation; Automated Animation; Rollover with a Mouse Event..

Lecture 24: JQuery Introduction, Basics, Selector and Effects

What is jQuery? ; How to use jQuery? ; Local Installation; CDN Based Version; How to Call a jQuery Library Functions? ; How to Use Custom Scripts? ; String; Functions; Arrays; Arguments; Context; Scope; Callback; Closures; The $() factory function; The $() factory function; Get Attribute Value; Set Attribute Value; Showing and Hiding Elements; Toggling the Elements; JQuery Effect Methods; animate( params, [duration, easing, callback] ); fadeIn( speed, [callback] ); fadeOut( speed, [callback] ); fadeTo( speed, opacity, callback ); hide( ); hide( speed, [callback] ); show( ); show( speed, [callback] ); slideDown( speed, [callback] ); slideToggle( speed, [callback] ); slideUp( speed, [callback] ); stop( [clearQueue, gotoEnd ]); toggle( speed, [callback] ); toggle( speed, [callback] )

Course Instructor

S.M. Murad Hasan Tanvir

S.M. Murad Hasan Tanvir

Amina Khatun

Amina Khatun