Graphics Design Training

Course Fee: TK. 10,000

Venue- Mymensingh corporate office
Training Days- ---
Training Time- ---

Course at a glance

Hours/ Week: 10.00 hrs
5.0 hours per day
2 days in a week
Total Hours: 120 hrs
Lecture: 24
Total Weeks: 12 (3 months)

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Course Objective

Students learn and apply fundamentals of various software applications (such as Illustrator and Photoshop), web design, and image editing, drawing and graphic animation. Advertising and marketing projects coordinate technical skills with organization, management, communication, ethics and teamwork.
Students will be given challenging real world projects and assignments typical of the graphic design industry. High quality work is expected and students will be given opportunities to redo work until it meets standards specified during instruction. Classroom activities will include reading, research, projects, and problem solving. Students will often work in teams, but will be expected to complete individual assignments in relation to the team's work. Assessment methods will include written exams, tests, and quizzes; oral and written research reports; reading assignments; and projects.

At the end of the course, each participant should be able to

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the elements of graphic design
  • Read, understand and communicate in the language of graphic design.
  • Use technology such as Phototshop, Illustrator, and Internet Explorer.
  • Students will learn to demonstrate positive work behavior
  • Students will learn to solve problems using critical thinking

Course Breakdown

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Graphic Design Industry

History of Graphic Design; Future of Graphic Design

Lecture 2: Introduction to the equipment

Computer; Scanner; Camera; Digital tablet; Printer

Lecture 3: Introduction to the tools

Illustrator; Photoshop

Lecture 4: Elements of Design - Graphic attributes

Color; Line; Shape; Space; Texture

Lecture 5: Elements of Design - Graphic attributes (2)

Value; Size; Viewpoint; Depth; Dynamics

Lecture 6: Principles of Design


Lecture 7: Principles of Design (2)


Lecture 8: Principles of Design (3)


Lecture 9: Principles of Design (4)


Lecture 10: Principles of Design (5)


Lecture 11: Principles of Design (6)


Lecture 12: Principles of Design (7)


Lecture 13: Principles of Design (8)


Lecture 14: Principles of Design (9)


Lecture 15: Typography

Anatomy of a letter; Typefaces

Lecture 16: Typography (2)

Typographic Measurement; Typographic Standards; Typographic Guidelines

Lecture 17: Page layouts, tables, charts, simplified drawings

Determining the document type; grid structure; paragraphs; titles and headings; lists

Lecture 18: Page layouts, tables, charts, simplified drawings (2)

Tables; Graphs and charts

Lecture 19: Page layouts, tables, charts, simplified drawings (3)

Simplified drawings; Photographs

Lecture 20: Page layout with diagrams and icons

Diagrams; Text procedures; Icons and visual symbols; Screen captures

Lecture 21: Creating images for print & web

Formats; Resolution; Raster Vs Vector

Lecture 22: Creating images for print & web (2)

Practical / Practice

Lecture 23: Editing Images

Ethics; Copyright laws

Lecture 24: Leadership

Students will participate in leadership activities such as: perfect attendance, school involvement, volunteering in the community as well as performing other leadership tasks within the classroom, school and community

Course Instructor

S.M. Murad Hasan Tanvir

S.M. Murad Hasan Tanvir

Amina Khatun

Amina Khatun